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Nestled atop mount Niritos, the tallest mountain in Ithaca, lies the village of Anogi. The name "Anogi" itself aptly means "on top of the world" and its remote site was specifically chosen to insulate the village from pirate raids, which were common in the late 16th century. The old lookout point of "Koursari" on the road to Vathi, with its breathtaking views of the southern part of the island, still serves as a reminder of those days. The village Is so well insulated, that today it appears to have been lost in time, offering a rare glimpse into a different world, untouched by the rapid development which has changed the surrounding islands and villages.

Milia's house was built in Anogi after the "great earthquake" of 1953 by my grandmother, Milia Paizes, using, where possible, materials that were salvaged from the ruins of her previous home. Much of the furniture in Milia's house predates the earthquake and has been passed down the generations. Milia was one of the kindest, gentlest, most hospitable people I have ever known. As a young boy I spent three summers at Milia's house with my family and those days remain etched in my mind as some of the most carefree and happy days of my life.

Our company, Milia's Place, was founded with a view to introducing other families to the village of Anogi and the magic that stirs there. It's rustic charm stands in contrast to the magnificence of its natural surroundings. It's history reveals itself slowly to those who walk its winding footpaths. Some will take you past the remains of old houses, windmills and Byzantine churches that once bustled with life. Others will lead you to remote beaches whose crystal clear waters await you. Yet others will take you to the very top of the island, where you can behold its natural beauty from on high. All of them will lead you on a spiritual journey which will enrich and reinvigorate your soul and mind. And it is my hope that, like me, you will remember Anogi and Milia's house forever.